What are chatbots?

Chatbots are basically programs that engage in a conversation with human users, responding to their questions posted online trying to replicate a real communication. To understand the term conveniently, let’s bifurcate the term and start with the term bot. A bot is considered to be a software that is involved in performing computerized tasks. Series of bots when combined together on any chat platform lead to the formation of chatbots. A bot is designed in a way to engage in a conversation with a human. For example, a user on an online platform can post his question for the bot or try to dictate any rules, the bot acknowledges the question posted and reciprocates to the question asked or perform the required task as demanded by the user in accordance to the instructions vested upon the bot. These virtual chatterbots emulate humans throughout the conversation to solve the tasks and post a better solution for the queries raised by them. They have been exalted and acclaimed throughout the world for making the task easier for humans. Well, after having a comprehensive knowledge about chatbots, one needs to know the utilization and
application of chatbots. Application of chatbots They have a series of application which has made it difficult to provide an accurate and an authentic definition
for chatbots.

Here are few ways to know how chatbots works and how they are essential for humans.

Most of the restaurants allow the customers to place their order through chatbot either at home or from some other place. Even if you are present at a restaurant, you can use chatbots
to place your order instead of reciting it in front of the waiter.

Chatbots are also used for making e-commerce purchases. They are also used for responding to customers questions which are posted online on the e- commerce websites. They are also used to book flights and know the status of the flight by providing adequate information to the user when they are inside the airport. Chatbots are designed in a specific way to detect employee’s or customer’s satisfaction.

Benefits of adopting chatbots for business

Considering the growing popularity of chatbots, it has gained immense respect in the field of marketing. If you are an early adopter of chatbot as a marketer, then that will give you an advantage
over other marketers. Here are few other benefits of adopting chatbots. The number of users for chatbots have increased with passing time compared to other modes of communication because it
is comparatively user friendly and interactive. The chatbot platform saves a lot of time as it only provides with information that would be easy for the customers to decipher.

It is often said that a business with proper engagement has more scope of development than others. Well, to make a business more engaging bots can use videos and images to boost up the interest
of the customers. They are designed in a way to fathom the behaviour displayed by humans and after having successfully comprehending the human behaviour, they provide a detailed analysis about the customer. They have been incorporated with the skill of interacting with the customer directly, in an amiable manner attracting more customers to use the app.


Facebook chatbots

If you are a part of an online platform, it is quite assertive that you might have interacted with a bot at some point of your life. These days bots are used in almost all the online services beginning from online chat platforms to customer service operators, where bots are required to respond to the queries posted by humans. Companies have also started making the use of bots. As bots have been popularly operating in message programs, similarly, Facebook messenger acts as a bot. After a proper installation, Facebook bot can engage in a conversation with the users and expose the users to wide range of services.

Facebook bots are easy to use

Facebook bots are more accessible and easier to use. There’s some application that demands the customer to download the app and learn the usage of the app. These sorts of apps are used by
companies who make it easier for the customers to explore the services provided by them. There are other apps which require a direct intervention of the users. But Facebook bot is quite different. They do not require to download the app or learn how to use it. Here, they can directly conduct a conversation with the bot which is equivalent to that of customer service. If the point of view of a
customer is taken into consideration, chatting with a bot is similar to that of chatting with a human operator, who is trying to find out a solution for the question posted by you. Chatbots can deceptively make an individual conversing with them, think them to be a real human.

Why are they used?

In a technologically advanced society, Facebook bots are used for amplifying and aggrandizing the marketing team comprising of humans and upgrading their productivity. These apps can be used as an imperative tool from providing recommendations for products to present with suggestions for purchasing any product considering the past purchase experiences associated with the product. With the help of the reviews and feedbacks provided for each product, bots help customers to make a smart decision when they are planning on purchasing a product.

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