The Benefits of Blogging for Business

A well-developed business blog can be a powerful marketing tool for both large and small companies. It will drive traffic to the company’s website and bring in more customers than any other forms of advertising. Creating a good business blog does not have to be hard or complex. Below are the five great tips for starting an effective business blog.

Have a clear business goal: Don’t start writing blogs, just for the sake of writing it. Your unique insight, industry expertise and product knowledge should benefit others. There may be some distractions, but you should set your own goals and stick to them. They can guide all your blogging, right from the information you share and the tone of voice to the design of your blog. You need to raise your profile as an agency and bring in business leads with it.

Choose the correct blogging platform

Two of the most popular blogging platforms are Blogger and WordPress. Blogger is Google-friendly and it is highly searchable. However, it has very limited templates. On the other hand, WordPress has become the darling of the blogosphere. It is widely used by bloggers all around the world. There are a lot of themes available for WordPress to choose from. Both WordPress and Blogger are great options for beginning bloggers.

Set marketing objectives

In your personal blog, you can talk about whatever you want and post when the urge takes you. But a business blog needs to have some marketing objectives. You are blogging there to “sell” your message. Consequently, your business blog should have goals that you wish to achieve in terms of visibility, new customers, PR value, feedback and general communications. It needs work as your medium to reach out to readers and transform them into buyers for your products.

Choose better business blog design

Your business blog will serve as your identity, giving you distinction from your competition. Even if you have a great content, you have to make people notice you or distinguish you from others. Otherwise, it won’t be of any good to you. Your blog’s layout and design play a big role in how effective it will be. It needs to have a well-organized design where people can effortlessly navigate through it to find what they are looking for.


Social media implementation

Social Media has seen a tremendous growth in recent times and your blog can reap rich benefits through the proper implementation of a social media strategy. It will add a human side to your blog and can build a community around your business. Make sure your content is shareable and that you are not always pushing the content out to the same group of people who are subscribed to you via multiple channels.

If your company produces a high-quality, active and informational blog, your website will be indexed by search engines more frequently. Be consistent, set realistic expectations and have some clearly defined business goals to create an effective business blog!



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