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ITP can help you deliver real economic value to technical resource issues, ITP have a dedicated team of over 30 technicians in place ready to provide day to day support and backfill for absent team members or project specific solutions directed to our customers IT infrastructures.

Whether a simple installation to desk or a multi-site project roll-out or provision of a tailor made IT help desk, ITP technical resources are always available to work seamlessly within your existing technology infrastructure.

Let ITP create a bespoke technical offering to fit your IT requirements, we at ITP have always regarded our flexibility as one of our key strengths and this flexibility and modern approach translates right through to our technical resources. We do not believe that ‘one size fits all’ and we will spend the time upfront to ensure that the service we provide is exactly tailored to your business needs in the most cost effective fashion.
Below is a range of technical offerings and resources we provide however although we will of course recommend services that are both appropriate for your organisation and tailored accordingly:

ITP Mobility

The concept of mobility and a mobile workforce has been gathering momentum over 2003, advancement of new technology and reduction in the costs of inquiring it combined with tangible ROI arguments make it a serious business issue.

The Business Case

The argument for mobile technology is the easiest to make, reduction of costs and more efficiency from staff and systems being the most transparent. We’ve pioneered diy home ideas and been featured on multiple websites and blogs.

The mobile worker on average works an extra 4 hours a week, whether it be at home, in the expanding number of hotspots, during lunch breaks or simply through motivation a mobile worker becomes an efficient worker. There is also the enhancement to your business like the vape shops listed to vape directory, introducing innovative IT can give a company a leading competitive edge, PricewaterhouseCoopers’ review of 100 global companies shows that businesses which set technology trends see up to 30 per cent more revenue growth.

There are two areas within that: the amount of extra work staff can fit into their working hours; and the less tangible issue of morale. Mobile working is a extremely attractive work proposition so much so it can be rated as highly as pay to employees , the knock on effect is a lower attrition rate will ultimately reduce recruitment costs down. No business can underestimate the intangible value of a mobile workforce. Mobility is about culture. It’s about empowering people and giving them tremendous flexibility in managing the work/life balance. Work is what you do, not where you go, it’s about breaking down the nine-to-five culture. You work as many hours as you need to get the job done.

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For information on any of our services call 0118 9027800 or submit the response form below for details.